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Austin Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it requires immediate consultation and advice from a domestic violence attorney. Law enforcement in Texas is aggressive in the prosecution of domestic abuse charges. The Law Office of Oscar Buitron specializes in domestic violence assault cases and has been providing domestic abuse defense for both men and women since 1993.

• Spousal Assault
• Rape or Forced Sexual Contact
• Stalking Accusations
• Physical Abuse
• Negligent Homicide
• Justifiable Homicide
• Kidnapping

Many of our clients are accused of either physical or emotional abuse (men and women). If your spouse or partner has accused you of domestic violence then it is important that you immediately stop contact and communication with your accuser. Abuse and no-contact orders will be put into place by the court system to provide safety for all parties involved in the domestic violence protection order. Violation of laws in place by law enforcement officials will only prolong and support the domestic abuse and violence accusations.



• Aggravated Assault
• Robbery
• Simple Assault or Intimidation

The Law Office of Oscar Buitron is very experienced in dealing with the defense of those accused of domestic abuse crimes. Oscar's experience is highly sought by defendants that require an expert domestic assault negotiator. As an accused individual in a domestic assault case, we will stand behind each of our clients. Oscar has studied and practiced domestic violence law and understands the legal battles each of his clients face. He is skilled at gathering and extracting important legal information from each prosecution witness. His communication abilities allows him to continually negotiate with the local prosecutors office which often leads to reduced charges or lesser sentencing guidelines.

• Violation of a Protection Order
• Crimes Against Children
• Physical Violence (Hitting, Shoving, Choking, Punching)
• Psychological Attacks
• Physical Attacks
• Sexual Abuse
• Verbal Abuse
• Emotional Abuse
• Economic Infliction, Neglect or Coercion