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Man in handcuffsBad Checks & Forgery
Accidently writing a bad check probably will probably not be held against you. After any obligatory bank or vendor fees, consequences will likely be nonexistent. However, repeat offenders who knowingly write checks on accounts with insufficient funds can face harsh penalties. If you are facing charges related to bad checks or forgery, contact Oscar.

Moral Turpitude
Definition: conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. A crime of moral turpitude can lead to denying you government benefits, as well as many jobs that will not be available to you, as well as bars to immigration into the US.

Bad Checks and Bad Signatures
Passing a bad check, one for which you do not have sufficient funds, can result in misdemeanor charges, fines and jail time. Manipulating account balances, such as moving funds from an account so the check will clear, can also be considered criminal activity. But passing a bad check with insufficient funds does not just mean that you have knowingly written a worthless check on a depleted bank account. I can help you explain what happened.


Bad Checks... Cont'd

Charges and convictions can also result from using another person's checks or signature without permission. With strong public fear of identity theft, the government is cracking down on crimes involving the unauthorized use of personal information, such as signatures, or unlawful creation of documents, such as counterfeit checks.

Experienced Attorney and Good Defense
In addition to the basic penalties for criminal activities, if you are convicted of forgery or passing bad checks, you could face even more severe consequences if it can be proven that your activities were conducted with the intent to commit fraud or larceny. If you are facing criminal charges, your best defense is working with a reputable legal firm.

With more than 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Oscar Buitron knows how to develop a strong defense. From building a seamless case to negotiating for a reduction or dismissal of charges, he has earned a reputation for providing individual attention and extraordinary results. When you are facing criminal forgery charges, contact the Law Office of Oscar Buitron.