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Felonies are the most serious offenses in Texas. Pen §1.07(a)(23) defines a felony as "an offense so designated by law or punishable by death or confinement in a penitentiary." They are classified into categories, based on the relative seriousness of the crime.

You may lose your right to vote, have a gun or obtain certain state occupational licenses. Felonies include aggravated assault, burglary, and DWI (3rd offense).

Capital: death or life in prison without parole
1st Degree Felony: life in prison, $10,000 fine
2nd Degree Felony: 2 to 20 years, $10,000 fine
3rd Degree felony: 2 to 20 years, $10,000 fine
State Jail Felony: 80 days to 2 years, $10,000 fine

A misdemeanor is a less serious criminal offense for which you can be fined $4,000 or less and be sentenced to county jail for up to one year. You do not lose any civil rights for a misdemeanor conviction. Misdemeanors include simple assault, theft and DWI (first or second offense). There are three classes of misdemeanor:

Class A Misdemeanor: Up to one year & $4,000 fine
Class B Misdemeanor: Up to 180 days & $2,000 fine
Class C Misdemeanor: Up to $500 fine—no jail

How to avoid jail
Acting quickly is the key to the best possible outcome for you. Contacting an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible, may help keep you out of jail. Oscar can help!