DWI Attorney


Do I need to stay with the lawyer who got me out of jail?
Absolutely not. You need to hire the right lawyer for you.

Are you going to tell me what to do?
No. I'm going to find out what you want to happen and go from there.

Should I have a administrative license revocation hearing (ALR)?
Absolutely! The driver has fifteen days from the date of the notice of suspension is served to request a hearing. It is imperative that you contact Oscar to request your hearing within those fifteen days. If no hearing is requested, the suspension will automatically go into effect on the 40th day after notice was served.

Under administrative license suspension laws, sometimes called administrative license revocation, licenses are confiscated and automatically suspended independent of criminal proceedings whenever a driver either (1) refuses to submit to chemical testing (blood, breath or, in some states, urine), or (2) submits to testing with results indicating a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher.